Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Do you know what to do in the event of a Disaster?
Power Failure, Virus Infection, Fire or Flood?
How much downtime can you afford before IT Systems & Operations are restored?

40% of Small Businesses never reopen following a disaster and another 25% that do reopen, fail within a year!

We have procedures in place to support Clients under Managed Services Agreements, however all Businesses should be aware of procedures and ensure Staff are trained accordingly.

These procedures should include:

  • Who to Call? - i.e.  Managers, IT/Internet/Phone Provider, Energex, Emergency Services
  • Where Backup Drives are located and what to grab if necessary
  • Ensuring Backup Drives are rotated off-site Daily
  • Knowing what Data is included in those Backups
  • How to access those Backups including any Encryption Keys
  • What Backup/Manual Procedures should be followed during Recovery operations

But perhaps more importantly, how to Test these procedures.  If your Backups are not monitored and managed by our Team, how do you know they are viable/restorable?  If you use a Duress Alarm, when was the last time this was tested?

Speak to our Team about your Disaster Recovery plan, ensure your procedures and contacts are current, and ensure that all necessary Data is being backed up.  Your Disaster Recovery plan should take into account the time is takes to restore Systems as well as the amount of data lost when reverting to Backups.

NOYTECH can offer:

  • Complete Server Snapshot Backups to the Cloud or External Hard Drives
  • Key Workstations Backups of either selected Data or Complete Snapshots
  • Backup of Email Accounts including Office365 Accounts in order to protect against accidental/intentional deletion
  • Written Procedure to follow in the event of a Disaster