Paperless Medical Practice Guide

As technology continues to change and improve, new functionality is introduced often to support a truly paperless workplace.  All Clients are encouraged to adopt electronic forms of communication and workflows and reduce or eliminate the need for older technologies including Faxing and Printing resulting in reduced time and consumables costs, and paper waste.

For more information on any of the services listed in this document, please contact us or the provider directly.


  • This guide does not list specific core ‘Patient Management Systems’ (e.g. Best Practice or Medical Director PracSoft) as Practices typically have this in place already.  Although, examples may refer to Best Practice as the more commonly used PMS platform.
  • As majority of Clients are QLD-based, please note that examples may include QLD-based providers.  Please consider your state equivalent.
  • Please be aware that multiple 3rd Party Service Providers exist to provide equivalent or similar services listed below.  The listed providers are the most commonly used in our experience across our client base.


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