Microsoft365 Apps Explained (Video)

We’ve all heard the term Microsoft365 and typically associate it with Email or Office Apps like Word, Excel & Outlook.  However, Microsoft365 is an extensive suite of Apps & Services that are part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

So, have you heard of PowerAutomate, Sway, To-Do?  Check out the video below by content creator, Kevin Stratvert.  He provides a great overview of many of the different Microsoft365 Apps available as well as more in-depth videos.

In this Microsoft 365 overview video, find out about all the apps that come with Microsoft 365, from Microsoft Teams to Yammer. We’ll cover many of the most popular apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. We’ll also cover apps that you may be less familiar with, such as Bookings, Power Automate, and Sway.

>> View the above Video on YouTube and expand the Description field for more great links to Microsoft365 Resources.

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