Coronavirus Operational Changes

Please be advised NOYTECH remains fully operational amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we continue to provide essential Services to our Clients, it’s business as usual for the foreseeable future.

We are continuing to monitor Goverment updates and adhere to restrictions imposed.  As such, we have applied the following operational changes:

  • Decentralised Workforce – Some of our Team have moved to operate remotely from home in order to reduce the number of Staff in our Office.  Our Team remain connected and are available per standard Business Hours.
  • Site Calls – are now limited to essential/urgent matters only.  Where possible, we will ask for your assistance with troubleshooting issues and connecting/reconnecting equipment.  Visits to our Office are subsequently limited to essential/urgent matters and pickups only.


Additional Notes:

  • Notebooks / Webcams – Supply is extremely limited and currently only more expensive options are available through our normal distrubution channels.  It’s advised to source equipment via Retail outlets where possible.  We can provide advice on suitability of equipment.
  • Remote Access / WFH – We are continuing to work with Clients to enable/optimise Remote Working procedures.  These requests are being actioned as quickly as possible to ensure Staff can continue to work efficiently.
  • Security – There are a number of known Viruses/Attacks already in the wild taking advantage of the current pandemic.  Fake SMS/Emails/Websites are rampant, therefore extreme caution is advised.  Please ensure sufficent, paid Anti-Virus is installed on all Devices (including PC & Mac).
  • Secure Emailing – As Staff work remotely, please ensure safe and secure emailing practices are met.  Sensitive Client/Patient Data being emailed without encryption may be intercepted and could result in a Notifiable Data Breach.  Ask us about preferred Secure Emailing practices!
  • TeleHealth – Many of our Clients/Doctors have or are moving to operate remotely offering Consultations via Telephone or Video.  Systems are already in place to provide these Services efficiently.  Although Webcams may not be readily available, advice is available around utilising Mobile Devices with Video Consult providers.  Please ask us for more information.


Our Sources of Information:

We are aware of the many sources of information available, and that Social Media/Blogs are not always factual sources of information.  Our information is obtained from…


Last Updated: 25/03/2020