Microsoft365 Pricing Changes

A short time ago, Microsoft announced an increase to their Business Office365 plans to come into effect from 1st March 2022.  Resellers in Australia are only recently aware of what that increase is (in AUD) and what plans are affected.  In addition to pricing increases, Microsoft will now enforce annual commitment terms of license subscriptions.  These changes make it difficult for customers to increase/decrease licenses as required without penalty.  Those that wish to retain the flexibility of a month-to-month arrangement must move to the relevant pricing model which attracts a 20% premium on annual commitment licensing.

Microsoft’s decision to increase prices comes after years of development and improved functionality across the suite of products, as well as improved security to meet the ever-growing concern of cyber security threats.

We have noted the most common plans, utilised among our Clients, below.  All pricing per User, per Month, inclusive of GST.

Plan Old Pricing New Pricing
(Annual Commitment, Paid Monthly)
New Pricing
(Monthly Commitment)
M365 Business Basic $7.60 $9.02 $10.16
M365 Business Standard $18.92 Unchanged $22.71
M365 Business Premium $30.25 $33.22 $39.85
M365 Apps for Business $13.20 Unchanged $15.84
M365 Apps for Enterprise $19.14 Unchanged $22.97
O365 Plan 1 $6.05 Unchanged $7.26
O365 Plan 2 $12.10 Unchanged $13.47
O365 E1 $12.10 $15.07 $16.90
O365 E3 $31.90 $36.63 $43.96
O365 E5 $55.77 $60.50 $72.60

New Licenses purchases on Annual Commitment Subscriptions are enforced and will require full payout if terminated early.  Existing subscriptions will automatically convert to Annual Commitment Subscriptions at the next annual renewal anniversary unless a switch to monthly commitment pricing is explicitly requested.  These requirements are enforced under Microsoft’s terms of services.

**At the time of posting this, NOYTECH is seeking clarification on some prices and are therefore subject to change without notice.


Last Updated: 27/03/22